Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 2011 update

Another month gone but progress HAS been made! It is all a matter of being intentional... Below is my progress: For the FOOD LOVER #39 - New recipes: butternut squash soup Mar 18th; cabbage soup Mar 23rd. It's amazing how two little beets can affect the entire soup - it was so pink (but quite yummy!)
For OUR WORLD/ENVIRONMENT #59 - we picked up litter while at the park and on the way home – Mar 18th; 29th

Simcoe County Museum Mar 15th

For OUR HOUSE #79 - Decluttered assorted goods Mar 18th, assorted goods Mar 19th

For the TRAVELLER in me #100 - Vermont (new state) Mar 13th (crossing by ferry from Vermont to NewYork)

I am feeling good about the rejuvenated attempt although I see that I need to go back through my photos and organize a few things - I know that I have done more than I have documented in some areas. I definitely need to tally up a few areas so I can follow the progress from month to month.

See you in April!

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